Blood Mushroom

As a mushroom growing enthusiast, I have always been fascinated by the unique and intriguing world of fungi. One particular mushroom that has captivated my attention is the blood mushroom, also known as Entoloma hochstetteri. This fascinating species is renowned for its striking red color and mesmerizing appearance. Join me as I delve into the mesmerizing world of blood mushrooms!

Appearance and Characteristics

The blood mushroom is instantly recognizable due to its vibrant crimson red cap, which can reach sizes of up to 10cm in diameter. The gills of this mushroom are a lighter shade of pink, creating a mesmerizing contrast against the striking red cap. When foraging in the wild, stumbling upon a cluster of blood mushrooms is a breathtaking experience, as they stand out dramatically against the surrounding foliage.

Habitat and Distribution

These captivating mushrooms are native to New Zealand and are commonly found in beech forests. The damp and shaded environment of these forests provides the perfect conditions for the blood mushroom to thrive. As a mushroom cultivator, creating a suitable environment to mimic these natural conditions is essential for successfully growing blood mushrooms.


Growing blood mushrooms can be a rewarding yet challenging endeavor. Their specific habitat requirements and delicate nature make them a more advanced species to cultivate. The substrate for cultivation should ideally consist of a mix of hardwood sawdust and supplemented with nutrients to mimic the forest floor environment. Maintaining optimal humidity levels and providing proper ventilation are crucial factors for successful cultivation.

Harvesting and Culinary Uses

While the blood mushroom is visually stunning, it is important to note that it is not suitable for consumption. In fact, this species is known to be toxic and should never be ingested. Its allure lies purely in its aesthetic appeal and the wonder it evokes in mushroom enthusiasts and nature lovers alike.

Conservation and Appreciation

Given its striking appearance and limited distribution, the blood mushroom is a species that warrants conservation efforts. As a mushroom enthusiast, I believe in promoting the appreciation and conservation of all mushroom species, including those like the blood mushroom, which captivate our imagination and connect us to the natural world in profound ways.


Exploring the enchanting world of the blood mushroom has deepened my appreciation for the diverse and wondrous realm of fungi. While it may not be a mushroom for culinary purposes, its visual allure and unique characteristics make it a treasure to behold. Let us continue to cherish and protect the remarkable biodiversity that enriches our natural surroundings.