Lion’s Mane Mushroom Growth Stages

Lion’s mane mushrooms are not only fascinating to look at but also intriguing to grow. As a mushroom enthusiast, I have enjoyed observing and nurturing these unique fungi through their growth stages. From innoculation to fruiting, the stages of lion’s mane mushroom growth are a mesmerizing journey that I would love to share with you.

Inoculation Stage

When cultivating lion’s mane mushrooms, the first stage is the inoculation stage. This is where the mushroom spores are introduced to a suitable substrate. I prefer to use sterilized sawdust or hardwood chips as the growing medium. The spores are carefully spread or injected into the substrate, and then the waiting game begins. It’s like planting a seed and eagerly waiting for the first sprout to emerge.

Spawn Run

Once the spores have been introduced to the substrate, the lion’s mane mycelium starts to colonize and spread throughout the growing medium. This stage is known as the spawn run. It’s truly mesmerizing to witness the white, thread-like mycelium enmeshing the substrate as it prepares the foundation for the future fruiting bodies. I find the sight of mycelium growth to be strangely calming, like watching nature’s own intricate artwork unfold.

Pin Formation

As the mycelium continues to spread, tiny pin-like primordia start to form. These pins are the early stage of the mushroom and indicate that the lion’s mane is preparing to fruit. It’s a pivotal moment in the growth process, and I always feel a sense of anticipation and excitement as these tiny formations emerge. It’s as if the mushrooms are about to reveal their stunning, cascading appearance, much like the mane of a lion.

Fruiting Stage

Finally, the most rewarding stage arrives – the fruiting stage. This is when the lion’s mane mushrooms truly take shape and begin to mature into their distinctive form. From their cascading icicle-like spines to their creamy white color, witnessing the growth of these majestic mushrooms is a sight to behold. I find myself marveling at the intricate details of each mushroom and feeling a sense of pride in successfully nurturing them through their growth stages.


Growing lion’s mane mushrooms is a deeply satisfying and rewarding experience. Observing these unique fungi as they progress through the different growth stages is a reminder of the beauty and complexity of nature. I highly recommend aspiring mushroom cultivators to embark on the journey of growing lion’s mane mushrooms and witness the marvel of their growth firsthand.