Mellow Mushroom Montgomery Al

As an avid fan of good food and a lover of unique dining experiences, I recently had the pleasure of visiting Mellow Mushroom in Montgomery, AL. Let me tell you, it was an absolute delight for both my taste buds and my soul.

Atmosphere and Ambiance

Walking into Mellow Mushroom, I was immediately struck by the eclectic and laid-back atmosphere. The restaurant’s funky and vibrant decor, including mesmerizing wall art and colorful lighting, creates a welcoming and relaxed vibe. It’s the kind of place where you can unwind and let your creativity flow while enjoying a delicious meal.

Menu Highlights

Now, let’s talk about the star of the show – the food! Mellow Mushroom is renowned for its mouthwatering pizzas, and it’s easy to see why. The menu boasts an impressive array of creative pizza options, from classic combinations to innovative and bold flavors. One of my personal favorites is the “Magical Mystery Tour” pizza, featuring a delectable mix of pesto, button and portobello mushrooms, spinach, feta, mozzarella, and jalapenos.

Aside from pizzas, Mellow Mushroom offers an extensive menu with an array of appetizers, salads, hoagies, calzones, and a range of vegetarian and vegan options. Their Pretzel Bites served with garlic butter and parmesan are to die for, and the Enlightened Spinach Salad is a refreshing and satisfying choice.

Craft Beer and Cocktails

For those who appreciate a good brew or a well-crafted cocktail, Mellow Mushroom’s bar is a treasure trove. They offer an impressive selection of craft beers, including local and regional favorites, as well as a variety of signature cocktails. I highly recommend trying their “Liquid Light” cocktail – a delightful concoction of vodka, rum, gin, tequila, blue curacao, and house-made sour mix.

Community Engagement

What struck me most about Mellow Mushroom is its commitment to the community. The restaurant frequently hosts events such as trivia nights, live music performances, and fundraisers for local charities. It’s clear that they not only care about serving great food but also about creating a space where people can come together and connect.


My experience at Mellow Mushroom Montgomery, AL, was nothing short of fantastic. From the moment I walked in, I felt like I was part of a vibrant and creative community. The delicious food, the inviting ambiance, and the genuine sense of hospitality made it a dining experience to remember. If you find yourself in Montgomery, I urge you to pay a visit to Mellow Mushroom and embark on your own flavor-packed adventure.