Mellow Mushroom Myrtle Beach Menu

As a mushroom enthusiast and food lover, I can’t help but share my excitement about the Mellow Mushroom menu in Myrtle Beach. The combination of a laid-back atmosphere and deliciously creative dishes makes it a must-visit spot for me whenever I’m in the area.

Exploring the Menu

One of the things that immediately drew me to Mellow Mushroom is their unique and extensive menu. From signature pizzas to distinctive appetizers and salads, there’s something for every taste bud. The use of fresh ingredients and inventive flavor combinations sets them apart from other pizza joints.

Signature Pizzas

The pizza selection is where Mellow Mushroom truly shines. The Holy Shiitake Pie, topped with a blend of shiitake, button, and portobello mushrooms, garlic aioli, mozzarella, and MontAmoré cheese, is a personal favorite of mine. The flavor profile is earthy, rich, and utterly satisfying. And for those who like a spicy kick, the Thai Dye pizza with curry, mozzarella, Roma tomatoes, onions, topped with fresh basil and cucumbers, is a unique treat.

Appetizers and Salads

While pizza is the star, the appetizers and salads at Mellow Mushroom are equally impressive. The Stuffed Portobello, filled with artichoke hearts, feta cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, spinach, and mozzarella, is a delightful way to start the meal. Meanwhile, the Enlightened Spinach Salad, with fresh spinach, dried cherries, diced apples, house-made glazed pecans, and feta cheese, is my go-to choice for something on the lighter side.

Craft Beer Selection

No pizza experience is complete without a great beverage, and Mellow Mushroom doesn’t disappoint in this area. Their craft beer selection is extensive and carefully curated to complement the menu offerings. I appreciate the opportunity to try local and regional brews alongside the delectable food.


Whether you’re a devoted mushroom enthusiast like me or simply someone who appreciates a well-crafted menu, Mellow Mushroom in Myrtle Beach is a place where you can find a truly unique and satisfying dining experience. From the warm and inviting ambiance to the delightful array of food and drink options, it’s a spot that never disappoints.