Mellow Mushroom Vinings

Mellow Mushroom Vinings is a fantastic place for mushroom enthusiasts and pizza lovers alike. Located in the heart of Vinings, Georgia, this restaurant offers a unique and inviting atmosphere that is perfect for a casual lunch or a fun evening out with friends. As a mushroom growing expert, I can’t help but appreciate the creative and delicious ways they incorporate mushrooms into their menu.

The Ambiance

As soon as you walk into Mellow Mushroom Vinings, you’re greeted by the whimsical and colorful decor that gives off a relaxed and laid-back vibe. The walls are adorned with vibrant mushroom-themed artwork, and the staff is always friendly and welcoming. The cozy and eclectic atmosphere makes it a great spot to unwind and enjoy a meal.

The Menu

One of the highlights of Mellow Mushroom Vinings is their diverse and mouthwatering menu. From their signature pizzas to their delectable appetizers and salads, there’s something for everyone. As a mushroom enthusiast, I love that they offer a variety of pizzas and dishes with different types of mushrooms, including portobello, shiitake, and more. The freshness and quality of their ingredients truly shine through in every dish.

The Mushroom Growing Connection

As someone who is passionate about growing and cultivating mushrooms, I appreciate Mellow Mushroom Vinings’ commitment to using fresh and locally sourced ingredients, including mushrooms. It’s evident that they take pride in their menu and go above and beyond to deliver an exceptional culinary experience. Their dedication to quality aligns perfectly with my own values as a mushroom growing expert.

My Favorite Picks

Whenever I visit Mellow Mushroom Vinings, I can’t resist ordering their “Magic Mushroom Soup.” The rich and savory flavors of the mushrooms combined with the creamy texture make it an absolute delight. Another favorite of mine is their “Holy Shiitake Pie,” a pizza that’s bursting with umami goodness from the generous amount of shiitake mushrooms.


Overall, Mellow Mushroom Vinings is more than just a restaurant to me – it’s a place where my love for mushrooms and delectable cuisine come together. Whether you’re a mushroom enthusiast or simply someone who appreciates a good meal in a lively setting, this spot is definitely worth a visit. The next time you’re in Vinings, don’t miss the opportunity to indulge in some remarkable mushroom-infused dishes at Mellow Mushroom Vinings.