Who Played Amanita Caplan Mother In Sense 8

As a passionate fan of Sense8, I have always been intrigued by the diverse and complex characters in the series. One character who captured my heart from the start is Amanita Caplan, the fiercely loyal and supportive girlfriend of Nomi Marks. In my quest to understand more about Amanita’s background, I delved into the intriguing question of who portrayed her mother in the series.

Meet Amanita’s Mother: Sara Patrell

In the role of Amanita Caplan’s mother, Sara Patrell, we are introduced to the talented actress, Sharon Young. Her portrayal of Sara Patrell in Sense8 added a layer of warmth and depth to Amanita’s character, shedding light on the supportive and loving upbringing that contributed to Amanita’s strength and resilience.

Sharon Young: Bringing Sara Patrell to Life

Sharon Young’s portrayal of Sara Patrell in Sense8 was incredibly moving. Her on-screen presence exuded a sense of compassion and understanding, making it evident why Amanita grew to become the remarkable person she is. Young’s portrayal allowed viewers to glimpse the nurturing environment that shaped Amanita’s values and fierce loyalty.

Personal Reflections

As I watched the interactions between Amanita and her mother, I couldn’t help but appreciate the authenticity and depth that Sharon Young brought to the role of Sara Patrell. The tender moments between Amanita and her mother truly showcased the strong bond between them, and it resonated deeply with me as a viewer.


Sharon Young’s portrayal of Sara Patrell in Sense8 added a compelling layer to the story, highlighting the importance of familial support and love in shaping Amanita Caplan’s character. The emotional depth Young brought to the role truly resonated with audiences, making her portrayal a memorable and integral part of Amanita’s storyline.