How To Store Dried Amanita Muscaria

Storing dried amanita muscaria is essential for preserving its potency and preventing spoilage. As a mushroom growing enthusiast, I’ve learned the importance of proper storage techniques to retain the quality and integrity of this powerful fungus. Here’s how I store dried amanita muscaria to ensure it stays potent and safe for consumption.

Choosing the Right Container

When it comes to storing dried amanita muscaria, the choice of container is crucial. I prefer using airtight glass jars with rubber seals to keep moisture out. The airtight seal helps in maintaining the optimal humidity level, preventing the mushrooms from becoming damp or moldy.

Location and Environmental Factors

It’s important to store dried amanita muscaria in a cool, dark, and dry place to maintain its quality. I typically store the sealed glass jars in a pantry or a cool basement cabinet, away from direct sunlight and heat sources. Exposure to light, heat, and humidity can degrade the potency of the mushrooms over time.

Desiccants for Added Protection

To further safeguard the dried amanita muscaria from moisture, I include desiccants such as silica gel packets inside the storage jars. These desiccants help absorb any residual moisture, ensuring the mushrooms remain dry and free from mold growth.

Labeling and Date of Storage

Proper labeling is a habit I never overlook. I always label the storage jars with the date of storage to track the freshness of the dried amanita muscaria. Additionally, I include a note indicating the potency and effects of the specific batch, especially if I’ve dried and stored different batches over time.

Rotation and Usage

While dried amanita muscaria can retain its potency for a significant period, I make it a point to rotate my stock regularly. This ensures that I use the older batches first, maintaining a fresh supply and preventing any potential degradation of the mushrooms due to prolonged storage.


Storing dried amanita muscaria properly is crucial for preserving its psychoactive properties and preventing spoilage. By following these storage practices, I’ve been able to maintain a consistent supply of high-quality dried amanita muscaria for personal use and experimentation. With the right containers, environmental considerations, and diligent labeling, you can ensure that your dried amanita muscaria remains potent and safe for consumption over an extended period.